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Guest star: , , , and 318 5 "" November 30, 2003 (2003-11-30) EABF19 11.7 Homer is humiliated when he appears on the news running from a bear that nearly attacks him at the city dump.

After Grampa scolds him, he swears to fight the bear himself. Cohen December 7, 2003 (2003-12-07) FABF01 10.5 Krusty discovers that he never had a as a child.

High Def Digest gave a rating of 4 stars, writing "The Simpsons' is one of only a handful of shows that I know I'm guaranteed to laugh out loud at least once an episode (usually more).

Even though the cutting wit of the first decade lost its edge a bit, I still find ' The Simpsons' an extremely enjoyable way to spend my time.

Season 15 is kind of a sweet spot, because it's got some highlight episodes I love, but also plenty that I don't remember." DVDActive said "The Simpsons season 15 isn't one of the series' best, but I'm pretty sure it isn't one of the worst either".

Screen Jabber gave a rating of 4 stars, writing "Imagine my surprise when I sat down to review Season 15..realised that I had never seen most of its episodes.

Crave Online rated the season 8.5/10, noting "Some "Simpsons" fans gave up during a perceived rough patch around season 12, and boy have they missed out.

Season 13 was a particular favorite of mine, but now we're over the hump on the DVD releases.

Guest star: 327 14 "" Nancy Kruse & March 14, 2004 (2004-03-14) FABF08 10.7 The Simpsons go on a late-night attic search after Bart and Lisa (who are freaked out over a horror movie Homer let them watch) begin hearing voices -- and find Marge's ex-prom date Artie Ziff, who's on the run for cheating the shareholders of his company.

Guest star: and 320 7 "" Steven Dean Moore Michael Price December 14, 2003 (2003-12-14) FABF02 11.3 Homer realizes how selfish he is after he spends all the family's Christmas money on a present for himself.

He becomes the nicest guy in town, making Ned Flanders jealous ().

There aren't many things that are better than sitting down with a new season of ' The Simpsons' on Blu-ray and watching every episode back to back as fast as I possibly can.

While the episodes sort of blend together, the humor is still there, and I still end up having quite a few genuine laughs".

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