What leads to dating teen violence

Held in a local church hall, it was organised by One World Foundation Africa, a charity dedicated to helping young immigrants escape from a life of poverty and crime. Others at the party stood and watched, screaming hysterically.Friends bring flowers for Steven after the teen's fatal stabbing But security was almost non-existent at the party in St Cedd's Hall, next to St Philip's and St James' Church. Far from being an isolated incident, the death of Steven Lewis has already prompted warnings of a new round of tit-for-tat killings.Astonishingly, organisers also allowed rap and hip-hop music, with violent and expletive-laden lyrics, to boom out - something young gang members told me 'pumps them up' into a frenzy. It pumps you up and makes you riled.' Many of those attending had been drinking cheap lager and cider. Members of the rival gang caught him and stabbed him repeatedly as he lay on the ground, trying to fend-off the blows. Forensic officers investigate Steven's death Tanya and Troy, the victim's older sister and younger brother, had heard about the trouble and made their way to the scene. That much was evident when a tall, mixed-race boy cycled past the scene of Captain Rocketz's death this week.

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But he ran away and returned to Plaistow just before Christmas, spending almost all his time with his gang.

He collapsed in grief, sobbing into the flowers and messages left beside the wall where his son had died. 'Our condolences go to the family,' said one young driver.

' On a quiet London street this week, these scenes of loss were so powerful that passing motorists stopped their cars and switched off their engines as a mark of respect.

The short life and death of 'Captain Rocketz' should also serve as a grim warning to police, politicians and parents, proving that, for all the talk of 'crackdowns on crime', the war against gangs and violence is already being lost.

Flowers mark the spot where Steven died The story of the latest gang death begins in Plaistow, the East London district with the postcode E13.

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