Updating laptop cmos bios

Needed to heat it up to 220deg celcius and maintain it for 1-2min.

If you don't have the technical expertise, I suggest you bring your laptop to an expert computer technician.

reposting Dhanushka_Liyanage solution: "I had similar problem with Asus K43Jr model.

HDD worked only for few seconds and HDD LED went off.

But Blaketon is against it, especially when it becomes apparent that his predecessor, PC Rowley Carson, is somehow connected to the wrongful imprisonment, and retired soon after.The computer will reboot when the BIOS flash is completed. During the reboot you will need to hold down the "Delete" key after the you hear the system check beep, reenter CMOS setup, and following the process in Step 4, change the first boot device back to "Hard Drive" or "HDD." Press "F10" to save your settings and exit CMOS setup. Guest stars: Danielle Tilley as Julie Neagle, Shirley Vaughan as Miss Eckersley, Marc Warren as Rupert Ashfordly, Graham Arnold as Tim Cunningham, Jacqueline Basquil as Ellen Neagle, Tubby Andrews as Joe Duffy.The Basic Input Output System (BIOS) chip is located on the motherboard and contains the rudimentary instructions that govern how your computer communicates with its own hardware and other installed devices.

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