United capital self liquidating loan

Canada, the UK, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong have all abolished traditional reserve requirements.

The proposal was called “narrow banking” during the savings and loan crisis.

Le Fonds de roulement est mis en place pour assurer de quoi financer les crdits ouverts au budget en attendant le recouvrement des contributions et les dpenses recouvrables, y compris celles qui concernent les fonds de dpt et les comptes spciaux, dans les limites fixes par la Confrence gnrale.

Despite this situation, Bhutan's debt service ratio remains low at 6.5 per cent and debt to GDP ratio at 81 per cent.

Over the last couple of decades, reserve requirements all but vanished as a means of bank regulation and monetary control.

But now a new variation on reserve requirements is being introduced through the capital controls of the Basel Accords.

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