Singer avant dating

“It was time for a new beginning, a new look,” Avant remembers, referring to his decision to jump onto Capitol Records.

Here are some of the tweets: Hopefully, Avant’s legacy will outshine the negativity that has come with his weight gain. This time around, Toni Braxton was thrown up into the mix and apparently had to ?Unfortunately, Avant’s weight gain overshadowed his stellar performance and of course, he’s been slammed on social media.One particular photo from the singer’s recent concert is floating all over social networks.Just a few months ago, Avant and company traveled across the Atlantic to visit troops deployed to Iraq, where he spent most of his time in safe quarters or spending the night at one of the former palaces of Saddam Hussein. We were just basically going around to different spots, like the mess halls where everyone eats, to the hospital, off base to a spot that was really still hot with war…. I wanted to take in the whole experience.” While there the Ohio native also visited a number of US military bases, where he went beyond the call of duty by granting special performances for soldiers who were on deck.And in support of their efforts, he even invited a few on stage. But [when] I did the show, you could see it in their eyes that they were thinking about the things that were going on in their lives.

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