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MAP SCREEN • From the map screen you can see the name of the locations you are visiting, the amount of crystals needed to be found and how many search items are needed.• When you’re on the map, wherever you see the little plane flying that is where your destination will be if you click on "play".• It is best to find all the pieces first before you begin placing things. • If you see gears appear over an item it means there’s a puzzle or mini game that you need to solve.It can also mean that you can click on that item to expose a missing piece.It usually refers the last piece of a certain item.CHAPTER 1 MAYA PYRAMID PT 1 • The tutorial will guide you through the first steps but I will write them on here as well in case you missed something.Sometimes I use the exact same name as it appears on the game or I choose a name that is shorter.• BOLD-The words that are in bold refer to an item that appears after other actions have been performed.

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• In order to make the walkthrough easier to follow, I decided to highlight certain sections in the guide so that key words stand out above the rest.The item will illuminate when the cursor is in the right place.• There’s no time limit in the game, except when you do special puzzles, like constellations, puzzles, mini games etc.• RED-When you see an item that is highlighted in red, it means that that item was a piece that was taken from your inventory.• BLUE-Any item that is highlighted in blue is an item that belongs in a hotspot somewhere in the scene.

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