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Additionally, within a nebula conditions for barnacle bearing planets are under research.

Canonn members are currently searching the galaxy for barnacles. Volgrand maintains a spreadsheet with landable bodies in nebulae that were searched for barnacles.

The Large Barnacles make a distinguished sound that while it shares certain features with the UA sound, it is also much more complex.

Canonn scientists are looking for hidden messages in the sound. Volgrand maintains a spreadsheet containing a list of barnacle audio files.

Canonneers have catalogued those changes and discovered that the state of a barnacle changes over time.

Not much is known about the nature and purpose of the Large Barnacles.On planets, they are found in or close to canyons of high metal content, in valleys, or in craters.Barnacles are persistent and do not appear as a POI on the scanner and have to be spotted by eye.The central barnacle is surrounded by several spikes which give either a meta alloy when shot or an elemental resource from the material drop table for the planet which the barnacle resides.Typically a barnacle in its ripe state will give 2 meta alloys.

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