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The only way out for them was to convert to another religion to annul her marriage.

Alarmed at this trend, the Ulemas coaxed the British government to pass this Act.

In fact, there has been a considerable legislative and judicial interference in the sphere of matrimonial laws during the past few decades all over the world.

In view of the changing times, divorce laws are being substantially modified and liberalized.

This law prescribed the right to maintenance for a Muslim woman after her divorce. They were more a result of reactions by the conservatives who saw reforms in personal law as an infringement on their right to religion and a threat to their male identity.

Different courts interpreted the law differently and some women even continued to take resort to the Cr. Marriages, as they define, are made in heaven and solemnized on earth.

Thus, the first attempts at enacting a uniform Muslim Personal Law was rendered unsuccessful.

The only advantage of this Act lay in its attempt to bring the Muslim community under one law despite its heterogeneity.

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Few decades ago divorce was considered as an evil, the grounds of divorce were very limited and it was sought only under compelling circumstances. Marriage is no longer treated as an indissoluble union.

Among almost all the nations of antiquity, divorce was regarded as a natural corollary or marital rights. In England divorce was introduced only 100 years back.

Even though the provision of divorce was recognized in all religions Islam perhaps the first religion in the world which has expressly recognised the termination of marriage by way of divorce.

Prophet Mohammad restrained the power of divorce and gave to the women the right of obtaining the separation on reasonable grounds.

The Prophet is reported to have said, if a women be prejudiced by a marriage, let it be broken off.

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