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Morse gathered a large group of supporters at the most recent council meeting.

If Morse were to step down, the council president, Chris Briggs, would take over as acting mayor until a special election.

What do you think of their calls for you to step down? I think that Kathy Sheehan who has had several domestic violence issues at her own house would somehow now come out and be the moral compass for something that she has absolutely no information on. But she’s had her own and I think that’s hypocritical for somebody to call me out based on having her own problems at her house. Well you’d have to ask her because I’m not Kathy and I’m not people willing to destroy people’s lives based on you know ‘he said, she said’, but you’d have to ask her. Shields: Would you consider legal action against the Times Union for their reporting?

But, certainly she had her own 911 calls and the Times Union didn’t report anything on that and nothing ever happened on that. Morse: I think the Times Union is a paper that most people take as a grain of salt so you know I’ll look at all of my legal actions after I take care of my family which is our number one concern.

" One Times Union story detailed a city woman's harrowing relationship with the mayor.

The woman was not named in the initial piece, which Morse blasted as a fabrication. On Monday the Times Union published a letter written by the previously anonymous alleged abuse victim, who made a bold move: she revealed her name. Cohoes Common Council Member Randy Koniowka, a Morse critic who has called for his resignation, says she took a brave step forward.

Morse fired back in an interview with WAMC News last week.

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I think most people are sick and tired of watching this happen.

"Where you have him now denying that this ever happened, I think she felt like you know 'enough was enough.

I need to speak out.’ And I think the climate today, the Me Too Movement, the Believe Women movement, this is empowering women all over to say 'I need to tell my story.'" In her letter Keller states that during a three-year period of romantic involvement in the 1990s, she suffered various episodes of abuse at Morse's hands.

State Assemblyman John Mc Donald speaks with WAMC's Jim Levulis Tuesday afternoon following Morse's interview.

A transcript of highlights of Mc Donald's interview can be found after the transcript of Morse's interview.

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