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I cannot figure out whether it is the same or it differs from the original Jasmin noir edp formula. I know that a lot of people consider this to be a "nighttime" fragrance, but I honestly think this can totally be worn during the day if you use a light hand.I wouldn't open the box just send back to the webshop is it a different scent. If I had to describe this fragrance, it would be a "warm white floral." The notes that stand out the most for me are definitely the jasmine, gardenia, and almond.I would say that this perfume is basically the lighter version of Dior's Hypnotic Poison in the sense that I can see people saying that there's a slight "Play Doh" or "Root Beer" vibe to this perfume.I think that if you enjoy Hypnotic Poison, then Jasmin Noir is definitely worth checking out if you want a lighter option. What a delight for a sexy yet sophisticated night out.Bvlgari presents their new perfume Jasmin Noir to the market in September 2008.Its mysteriously dark bottle will become an object of affection for many fans of the house of Bvlgari, whereas the fragrance will attract many fans of woody-floral compositions.Jasmine is wrapped and created as dark, with mysterious aromas of precious wood.The composition opens with green plants juice with gardenia flowers.

Warmth on the skin gives a self-confidence boost immediately, not to mention heads turning and that lovely attention from the opposite sex.

My only "downside" to this perfume is the longevity. But that's something I'm willing to deal with because I love the scent so much. I think it's professional enough to wear in a work environment (if you use a light hand, of course), I think it's pretty enough to wear out, and I think it's sexy enough to wear on a date night. I started wearing this perfume quite young (16yo I believe), but ever since then I realised how magnificent this scent is.

I also think that makes this perfume the very opposite of cloying, which is a very good thing for a lot of people (like myself). I see this being a "signature perfume" for a lot of women, honestly! Statement gold necklace mimicking the cap of the perfume bottle. Certainly not for everyone, hits you pretty hard the minute you spray.

But I got this incense scent that stuck to me and wouldn't change to anything else.

I might have to layer this but I got straight smokey incense that reminded me of those incense we used in Japan during ceremonies.

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