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So today a potential client sent me this email that went something like this: “We want to send someone your client kit, but we don’t want to send them a PDF. **whispering** That’s private.” But thankfully I know lots of wonderful bloggers who help me with things like this and one of them told me about this awesome “publish privately password protected thing” on Word Press, so I created my client kit on my site, published it privately so I could play with it, then set it up as a password protected page. "That's why I never have sex until at least the second date. Girls, I don't need a date." We left the restaurant and went to my house to go for a swim. "Dad got a new camera," I mentioned, "trying to explain his total obsession with his new hobby." Amy covered her mouth and coughed. Ours need to be special." "I get nervous when I take my clothes off in front of someone I don't know," Amy sighed. The girls hadn't brought their suits so the three of us skinny dipped. My father wandered around the yard and garden, taking pictures of flowers and vegetables and paying no mind to us frolicking in the water. The door wasn't locked and I didn't hear the water running or anything.

See full summary » With full disturbing and weirdo graphic plus sexual scenes, Flaming Creatures is one of most daring and controversial film of all time, According to Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures is a comedy in a haunted music studio.

In this 16 minute short, a director faces a rebellion of sorts when his star tells him she is fed up having to appear naked in pretty well every scene.

What follows is an incoherent sequence of scenes - many with female nudity - and it's left entirely to the viewer to determine what it all means.

Also Read: ' Red Sparrow' Film Review: Jennifer Lawrence Swans About in Silly Spy Tale More daunting then nudity, it seems, was her requirement to perform ballet.

Lawrence plays a Russian prima ballerina in the Fox project, recruited into a special military program where young soldiers are trained in the art of seduction.

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