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It was a nature reserve, in my folks' day, but all I seemed to learn about was the species of aligators.When my Ma passed away, my Pa lost interest and had the gators taken to another swamp area, where they were in danger of being extinct. It left the house a pretty secure property, with cameras, displaying an all round view, recieved by four monitors, where one person could watch, without difficulty. Thick rows of buckthorn, were planted all around, the house area, with high wooden fencing, closer to the house, that was to prevent peeping toms from spying with field glasses.we feed the dogs also, they were so good with the girls as well.Jo, as she liked to be called, was short for Josephine, she only lets us call her Josephine when she's pickled. She told us, she joined the police force, because there weren't any vacancies for a Ranger .Amazons and Swifts by Moonraker Katie and I run a small school called Amazons and Swifts for girls only.The school is our home, a four bedroom house, in the countryside, in the state of Mississippi.We knew most of the menfolk had them, as they used them for hunting, Jack Rabbits and a few of the small mammals, that were for the stew pot.Although the whole area was a nature reserve, there were still a few pervert's around.

A former member of the Diet who was forced to resign after a series of political scandals twenty years ago.

Referred to as "Co-operations / Co-ops" in the Japanese version. While initially somewhat strict towards Joker, things change once he discovers her part-time job at a sketchy maid service.

The proprietor of the Velvet Room and the confidant of the Fool Arcana, giving you the Metaverse Navigator app and the ability to negotiate, along with bonuses to Persona Fusions. Fearing what would happen if her co-workers found out, she strikes a deal with him, allowing him to slack off in class in exchange for his silence.

She has a partner, who lives in the next town, about ten miles away, who runs a sweet shop.

We have a small swimming pool, about twenty feet long, and fifteen feet wide, only four feet deep.

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