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I bought it in 1971, and recall paying between 700-800.00 for it ser# 24290, DY68...originally had the chrome diamond shaped tuners and the abalone inlay bridge pegs and the brown "foamfit" case, which I have since replaced...

as you can see, the headstock has the logo inlay, not the name...inside label has the K. can anyone help with a value, picture reference, or any other info you feel might be helpful?

Anyone interested in looking at it around the Columbus Ohio area? It is in excellent condition except for a small crack in the headstock that I've never been too concerned with because its been there now for 25 years (it sort of got sat by my young daughter while on the sofa). I am in Northern CA just moved back from WA so I haven't changed my # yet. (seller knew nothing) I just loved the look of the wood, sound, action, condition,etc.

I bought this new around 1974-75 and has original case. Yairi signature and M2 as model, SN 22451, Gifu, Japan. If anyone can give me a ballpark for what they'd list the guitar at if they were selling it, I'd be very grateful!

A guitar maker told me he could fix it no problem but at that time I didn't want to put any money in it. Or would i be better paying for a matin Hi there - I own a K. if it is correct and in excellent shape that would work for me. I rather a text or call than email except for photos, info, transaction etc.. Thanks, Lisa I have a 1981 signed K.yairi ar353 but someone broke it and it was the best guitar I have ever owned and I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could get another one or if you have any info on it I would be very appreciative thanks.

I thought I might sell it now because it's rarely played anymore, depending on what I can get for it. I have an Alvarez Yari Dy- 72 Signature Series 12 string 1991. Yairi classical guitar with a rectangular label inside the sound hole. I live in Denmark so the numbers may be especially European? Need more info., photos, description, condition, #??? My email is, [email protected] check email periodically but will be near my phone. I just traded a 5e3 clone for this Alvarez by Kazou Yariri DY38-12, serial number - 40637, the label says 1989. It appears to be all solid wood - tightly grained spruce top, mahogony back and sides, ebony fretboard, Brazilian rosewood bridge, black lacquer with mother of pearl "A - V" logo headstock.

On some of the older models, Yairi used the "Patent applied for" Grover tuners. They repaired it and cleaned it up like the day it was new. I just love hearing the music that comes from that guitar. Yairi 12 String I'm wanting to sell, it is a Signature Series, Model No. Will email pictures to anyone interested and would greatly appreciate any info on value, construction etc. I have my dad's old 1984 Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi DY 56 BB that he bought for my mom to learn on, but he has since passed away and she knows nothing about it. The K Yairia expert could find no reference to the model in any catalogue and assumed that they were only made for the Australian and Canadian markets.

Distributor of Floyd Rose Tremolos, Floyd Rose Parts, Floyd Rose Guitars and The EVH D-Tuna." "-P. Stewart Mc Donald is another great place to try if you decide to buy a new set of tuners, they sell almost every model of Grover tuners that are made. K Yairi CY 128 CE, S/N 66152: Have had this one somewhat longer. More relevant are the numbers stamped inside under the neck join, e.g., 04-05-010. I would like to sell this to a person who knows a little about them or ho at least appreciates them. 310-980-3338 I've owned this guitar now since 1979. I managed to get my hands on 12 new tuners from the St Louis guitar company back a couple months ago. I know that in order to get the same quality of guitar that my DY 68 is, I’ll have to drop .500 to .000. It's a Bicentennial edition but the plaque has fallen off and I have not been able to find another. K Yairi CY 140 S/N 66169: This is a beautiful Brazilian I bought new several years ago. Both my Yairi's have numbers similar to this, which I interpret (guess) birth date as 4th month, 2005, sequence 10, or something like that. With Kazuo having died back in March 2014 there will be no more K Yairi guitars signed by him personally like mine is. I have been trying to find my 12 string in all the Alvarez Yairi cats and reference materials, but nothing seems to match up... piano, Gerhard Heintzman piano, and piano accessories." "#4 Industrial Drive, Pacific, MO 63069. Shimro produces violins, violas, cellos, basses, and mandolins, plus bags and cases for these instruments. Highest quality SOLID aluminum & SOLID brass materials.

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