Dating website additional information first nickname am i dating a cheater

That’s why we were the first dating app to introduce the Dating Pledge earlier this year.

It’s important to clarify that this does not need to be your real/legal name, it can be any name that you want someone to call you. We know some folks don’t like that usernames are going away but we get many (thousands!

“should just shutter OKCupid at this point — they already own Tinder, no need to build a second Tinder,” scoffed tby77 in another App Store review.

(Match is the parent company to a number of dating apps, including OKCupid, Tinder, Plentyof Fish, and others.) To make matters worse, OKCupid locked some people out of the app until they complied with the new policy, rather than offering a grace period.

There is at least one caveat to OKC’s new policy – you don’t have to use your legal name, the company notes at the bottom of its announcement.

It says, you can use the name you’d like your date “to call you” instead.

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