Dating advice for men in the military

Helps you (and us) weeding out the less compatible fishies from the very beginning. I have met a few who were in the Military and the only issue I noticed was it was all they talked about and all they thought about to a point where I started to think do I really want to hear about this all the time? that's because ANYTHING you do in life, including NOTHING, will cause you to be someone different afterwards.

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I've done a search and found threads about dating military men, and how it's hard with deployments. I just want to know if there are any pre-conceived opinions, be it positive or negative.

In the case of ex-military, there are those who wished they were still in, and those who are glad to be shut of it.

Each will make for a different kind of friendship experience from the other.

One thing you might want to ponder a bit, is the self-labeling you indulge in.

Referring to yourself as "ex-military" implies, ironically enough, that you psychologically still think of yourself as being of a military bent.

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