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[T]he Heinkels were still firing at us and a cannon shell knocked a saucepan off the truck above my head.

This troubled me not at all; indeed I seemed to have lost all sense of fear, but my back felt wet and slimy so I looked over my shoulder to investigate the cause. Then I realised that I was looking at all that remained of Osman the cook, who had been lying beside me.

Moreover, the letter seen out-of-body was addressed from the nurse's brother-in-law, which suggests that she might have heard the nurse's name and incorporated that information into her experience as well.

What is particularly interesting about this case is not simply that it contains discrepancies, but also that it seems to confirm that out-of-body imagery in NDEs is sometimes obtained directly from scraps of conversation rather than from some paranormal source.

and then I was floating, as if in a flying dream, and watching my body, some dozen feet below, lifting off the sand and flopping back, face downwards. I was quite unaware of the two Sudanese lying beside me....

And then I was gliding horizontally in a tunnel ...

Trouble is the 'me' in the bed was wearing long johns ... Buzzi concludes that because these experiences contained out-of-body discrepancies and failed his other 'reality tests,' his subjects' out-of-body imagery must have been derived from memory and imagination rather than from the physical environment at the time (2117).

I became aware that I was being 'sucked' back through the tunnel and then into a body that felt rather unpleasantly 'heavy,' that the sun was burning my back....You can dismiss the support request pop up for 4 weeks (28 days) if you want to be reminded again. Even if we disregard the overwhelming evidence for the dependence of consciousness on the brain, there remains strong evidence from reports of near-death experiences themselves that NDEs are not glimpses of an afterlife.Or you can dismiss until our next donations drive (typically at the beginning of October). This evidence includes: (1) discrepancies between what is seen in the out-of-body component of an NDE and what's actually happening in the physical world; (2) bodily sensations incorporated into the NDE, either as they are or experienced as NDE imagery; (3) encountering living persons during NDEs; (4) the greater variety of differences than similarities between different NDEs, where specific details of NDEs generally conform to cultural expectation; (5) the typical randomness or insignificance of the memories retrieved during those few NDEs that include a life review; (6) NDEs where the experiencer makes a decision not to return to life by crossing a barrier or threshold viewed as a 'point of no return,' but is restored to life anyway; (7) hallucinatory imagery in NDEs, including encounters with mythological creatures and fictional characters; and (8) the failure of predictions in those instances in which experiencers report seeing future events during NDEs or gaining psychic abilities after them.I noticed also that my Bren gunner, who had been close to my other side, had disappeared (Fenwick and Fenwick 43-44).The Fenwicks concede that in this case it is "quite clear" that this NDEr was not actually observing the physical world when he saw his body from above.

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