Are noel jones and lisa raye dating

“He basically told her [Lisa Raye] that he wasn’t sure she was ‘godly enough’ for his world, and she in turn told him he may not be ‘worldly enough’ for hers,” a person told Murray about a scene where he critiques Mc Coy’s church outfits.

Last year the internet questioned if the internationally known Pastor of a mega church in Los Angeles, Bishop Noel Jones was dating Lisa Raye Mc Coy and Mc Coy quickly responded.

Marriage is not a prerequisite for being in the pulpit.”“If a man divorces his wife for any other reason that fornication and remarries, then whoever he marries commits adultry and whoever she marries commits adultry. ” “Do you live your life based completely on what looks good?

Remarriage is really a great issue from a scriptural viewpoint,” he explained. Jesus said you make yourself a eunuch for the Kingdom of God’s sake.” “I was married for 22 years and I’m one of those guys who’s divorced and is particularly afraid of being married again,” he continued.

Reports published online Monday indicate that Jones aspires to move beyond church ministry, and that Mc Coy is looking to pitch a reality program titled "Keeping Up With the Joneses."Fans reacted to the rumors on Twitter with speculation on how Mc Coy would be received at The City of Refuge as the "first lady."Ralph Rashad wrote: "So Lisa Raye is really with Noel Jones ????????

She will definitely need First Lady Classes."Moya tweeted, "First Lady Lisa Raye Mc Coy Jones??

In addition to wondering why he has chosen to string Loretta along for so many years without marrying her, folks are also curious to know whether or not they’ve been able to maintain celibacy for the duration of their lengthy relationship.

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According to an insider, entertainment journalist Jawn Murray, the show features Mc Coy and Jones detailing their relationship.

The rumor mill was hard at work Monday over claims from an "inside" source that actress Lisa Raye Mc Coy is in a serious relationship with megachurch pastor Noel Jones, who leads The City of Refuge church in Gardena, Calif., and that the two were preparing to wed.

According to several online reports, Mc Coy and Jones have been in a serious relationship for a good while and were considering making it official.

The actress was previously married to Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick.

Her reality show, "The Real Mc Coy," currently airs on TV One.

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