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If you want some more tips on how to look sharp, watch the short clip below!

To find out, we spoke to Grant Langston, CEO of e Harmony.

I was very curious to take the pulse of couples in America, and see where they are these days in terms of relationship satisfaction.

The Cheat Sheet: According to e Harmony’s study, what are some issues that affect relationship happiness?

They have open communication, an active sex life, and a wide net of friends.

Those who are satisfied with part of their individual lives outside of their relationship, like friends, health, and careers, tend to be happier as well.

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’” The categories in the conversation begins from plain, casual men’s struggle with work-life balance, values, relationships, and stretches out to big situations for society in general, such as the environment, LGBT and gender issues, raising children, and the prison system.

If something happens to be crap they will straight up tell you that it’s crap.

The writers study fashion with intellect, humbleness and ease. Jed Diamond has devoted his whole entire life and job to ensure health in men.

Men were most open to relationship therapy, which is great.

The Cheat Sheet: What is the most important component of a healthy relationship?

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