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We would like all of you to make yourself home here and to visit us again.It is strictly forbidden to take pictures or movies and use mobile phones in the whole Club.Please, do the same in the situation that anyone is abusive and rough to you or is impolitely disturbing you.

So let us try, we all, to have a club we like a lot.It is only up to you, what you do in the Club and how you want to spend your time - if it is with a glass of wine and talking, if it is with visitingt of the sauna or jacuzzi...The decision of joining any "adult play" is up to anyone - and everyone may also change his/her/their decision any time during the party. Each guest, especially couples, should make his/her/their decision what he/she/they would like to do here before visiting the Club; we do not like wailing, quarrels and tantrums in the Club.Don't write any advertisements or answers without contact to you (e-mail), also do not write advertisements without your age, without clear expressing, for what are you really looking or advertisements just "few minutes" before the start of the party.There is an absolute prohibition of nasty words of any kind.

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